Monday, May 31, 2010

Packing Up and Moving Out.....Along with Goodbyes

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for us. We have had three major graduations, Brittany from high school, myself from Drury University and Michael from AIT (as prior service). Each one of them will be remembered forever but the stress that came from the month of May is leaving quickly and being replaced by an entirely different kind of stress.

We have taken care of our transportation needs, and we have chosen to do a DITY move, which means the Army is paying US to move ourselves. We are taking a moving truck,two dogs and a kid between us to North Carolina. It will be a challenge but we are up for it. We have been put on the housing list at Ft. Bragg. As of Friday, we were number 26 but we were assured that we will have a house within two months and probably much quicker. I am hoping they are right. Until then, we will be livin in temporary housing. We are not sure at this time if we are living on post for the two months in the hotel (VERY expensive) or off post at a housing apartment complex (I would rather not). We have to go where it is feasible for money and the dogs. I know it is silly to some but it is very important for us to keep our two dogs. We had three and we are having to leave Taz (aka Satan) with my Mom in order to live on post.

Today marks the day that we begin our packing trek. We have a busy and hectic final two weeks here so we have to really be organized. We are doing the move by color coded totes in order to separate them in storage and be easily accessible. My TYPE A personality is shining through on this one for sure! Since it's going to be in storage I want to make sure that no mice or bugs can get in the boxes. I believe the investment in the storage will be worth it.

This weekend, Memorial Weekend, it is easy to be excited to move because of all of the patriotism that surrounds us right now in this season. Red, white and blue abounds the houses around us and the people are hyped for summer. Being a part of a military family is something we have dreamed of for a long time and now that it is a reality, we cannot wait to be among those that have that in common with us.

However, with the excitement, comes the sadness that accompanies us as we leave our loved ones and friends that we have known for a lifetime behind to continue this journey that we have began. I just ask for your prayers and for your encouragement. I do not want anyone to be sad because it is for our best interest and if you love us, love all of our decisions that we spent alot of time making. We will miss our parents, but they will not be far away. It is hard leaving with my Dad so sick but I know that he wants me to get a good job too and I am leaving to live my dream as well. I want to make him proud and I intend to do just that!

Last night as we pulled away from my brother's house for one of the last times while we are here, my sister came out to say goodbye to us. Our embrace was long, there were no words, no I love you back from me. I am HORRIBLE at goodbyes and very emotional about them. My sisters and brothers are very important in my life and we are all very close. Not only having them in my life but having their children in my life has been such a privilige to me and not one that I take lightly. I have friends that have no spoken to their siblings in years and I cannot imagine my life without these people I consider my best friends. I think I have decided because of my emotions to be on the road before I tell anyone I am gone. I cannot deal with the great emotion of that day.

I will begin posting more often and hopefully get this blog up and going more consistently on Fort Bragg. I plan to do coupon classes if I have my way for free to the soldiers' wives on post. I plan to scrapbook my face off! I plan to get healthy and fit and I plan to get the dream job I have worked so hard to achieve. Until the next post, be well and pray for our family in this journey we are embarking on.