Sunday, February 28, 2010


Michael called and has given me his new address for the duration of his stay at Ft. Sill. Please, please send him a line and just let him know we are thinking of him and pulling for him. Also, NO packages, meaning care packages at all. He has a debit card with him so if he needs something he is able to get it (i.e. personal care items). He stated that it would not be a good thing if he got a box :)

He is doing well and is able to call every day sometimes multiple times a day which is helping tremendously with me being so sad and him being homesick. The technology today is so different than when he and I were in the first time. It definently helps to keep your loved ones connected with each other. He is able to text in the evenings alot so you can shoot him a text if you want and he even Instant messages with his phone.

He is having alot of problems with his sinuses and allergies there in the dust bowl. It is kicking his butt so right now he sounds like I did last week, very husky. :)

He begins his medical combat training this week however he was relieved to find out that they have done away with grenades and the gas chamber in this training. Those are two less things to scratch off our list.

Mike had his first PT test yesterday just a dianostic one, not a record one. He did okay but there is room for improvement he said. He wants to cut down the time in his run by a minute or so and he will be happy with that. I guess alot of guys there did not pass though and one or two were even over by several minutes on the run so I would hate to be them in the coming weeks. I remember that feeling of watching the failure team run past while we were getting to write letters home and have free time. Thank God that will not be Mike and he will still get to call and write :)

Here is his address:

PFC Michael L. Hodges
E Battery/4th Platoon
5960Rothwell Street
Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 73503

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