Thursday, February 18, 2010

My new life as a military wife THE FIRST DAYS

Monday, February 15, 2010, changed my life forever. I kissed my husband goodbye and I am not sure when I will see him again. I became an Army wife. I knew this life all too well but never as a married adult. You see, I was a soldier. I was a proud American soldier fifteen years ago but I never knew what it would be like to share that adventure with someone you love, much less have a child with. It is a different ballgame that is for sure. On Tuesday, I had a good day because I still had pretty consistent contact with him up until he got on the bus for Ft. Sill to go to Warrior Transition Course training. He was in the Navy before so he has to get acclimated to the Army way of life. Hoo-Ah! I did not hear from him again until the next day. On Wednesday when I got a text from him he said he was exhausted, he had gotten only thirty minutes of sleep. When he got to reception his group was asked to help in process all of the new basic training recruits and Mike said there were hundreds. They inprocessed these boys and girls until three in the morning. He then laid down only to not be able to fall asleep immediately because of all of the adrenaline. Then at four o'clock sharp, they had to be up and running again. Mike loves to sleep I don't know how he did this! When I read that text I have to tell you my feet started hurting for him because I know what this is like and remember being up for forty eight hours straight once on duty and I remember the pain from it. Today, on Thursday, I did not hear from him until late into the evening, almost my bed time. He texted my daughter so I knew it was important because he couldn't get in touch with me. I immediately ran to the my piece of crap phone that won't ring and waited for an incoming text. He said he was sorry that he cannot talk to me tonight, he had five minutes to text and that was it after that it was lights out and that he is not allowed to actually "talk" to me until he earns a pass. That is okay, I was disappointed at first but AT LEAST he's able to have his phone on his person at all times. That is such a luxury compared to when I was in.

I miss hearing his voice so much that it hurts. Tonight, Brit went out with Jordan and I could not bear to stay home alone so I left and went to eat alone and window shopping. Being alone is a different ballgame. It's not that I can't be alone because after all he did work second shift but honestly it is the sound of his voice that I miss, the nervous lip twitch he does, his big toothy grin, the smell of his hair, the daily watching of "Let's Make a Deal". It's totally the little things that I miss the most. I realized today more than ever before that I am still so in love with this man. He is my best friend, my hero, and my favorite shopping buddy. I am so blessed in that area because for the most part the loves to shop, especially for shoes. He could buy a new pair of Nike's every day if I would let him or we could afford it.

This is a new adventure for us but one that I am so greatful for and ready to ride the waves with. I am ready to begin our new life and start over. We have had such a rough ten years with so many more downs than ups and I know we can survive through training periods or deployments, no problem! I have to be positive and strong for him and our daughter who depends on seeing one parent together these days. Speaking of which, she misses her Daddy and asks every few minutes when she gets home from school if he's texted yet. She was so excited tonight when he texted her. And she gave the old Army the standard "Well that sucks" about not being able to talk to him. She said "Well, what if I HAVE to".......I just said, "Not today, those are the rules" and again I got the famous "That sucks" and then she added "that's stupid". She has so much to learn and I have to teach it to her because I've been through this rodeo before she hasn't.

I will post as I get new information regarding Mike or our life as a military family. Thank you all for being there for us on our new adventure.

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