Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One week and some change in....

We have gotten to talk to Mike a few times by phone by mainly by Yahoo Instant Messenger. He is doing well so far. He has completed inprocessing and his last day at reception is today. Tomorrow he begins actual training. It will be very hard and different for him. Apparently some of the NCOs went over today to meet with the Drill Instructors and they came back with the news that they are in for a different world starting tomorrow. I don't know why they started things out so lax with the guys for the past week though, I definently don't agree with it but who I am to say that! I just know that feeding grown men cheeseburgers, pizza and fries for a solid week with no PT is a dumb idea. Mike said they are very overwhelmed with new recruits and they are not focusing as much on the WTC recruits at reception, they are the least of their concerns they have "been there done that " so to speak.

As of tomorrow, it will be at least a week before I will hear from Mike again. I have a picture of Mike in his uniform and I am trying to get the picture uploaded on here but I may have to wait. Michael has made a buddy in there and for whatever reason he likes ot whistle constantly the theme to the's kind of hilarious if you think about it. Only Mike can make friends with someone that saracastic :)

As of right now Michael does not have a permanent address but as soon as he gets one we will pass it along here. Until then. Start praying and don't stop until graduation date.

Love and camoflauge.


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