Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Counting Down.......Headed East in Four Days

Today is Tuesday and with the stress of moving, I feel like calling it quits. DITY sucks. Don't do it. That's my advice. I am the most Type A person I know and I cannot take the stress of making sure that everything is perfectly wrapped for a perfect move to the perfect base to the perfect house. Oh yeah, perfect hotel room. We will be there for thirty days before we are able to settle ourselves into our humble Spanish style home on Bastogne Gables. I would do just about anything to get into the housing sooner however I am sure that is not to happen. Hotels on post are outrageous, which I think should totally be illegal for people PCS'ing. In my opinion, $35.00 a night is plenty for people PCSing not $89.00 or higher in some instances. The main housing on Bragg, Airborrne Inn, wants nearly $1800.00 for thirty days to house us. How is it that the military only gives us $1000.00 but they want an additional $800.00. It's BS is what it is. Soldiers do not want to live in glamorous housing, we just want a safe place to lay our head at night and in the ghetto on the main strip at Bragg is where I won't go. The sad thing is, it is cheaper for us to rent a condo an hour away at the beach with the daughter and I than it is to stay on Bragg. For now, at least the first two weeks, we have no choice, but afer that we are looking for something different. We will totally be low on money if we don't. Because the rooms don't feed you after all, they just provide totally intrusive ways of living among 2000 other people you have never smelled, met or talked to. Today, I am bitter about PCSing this way, tomorrow is a new day and perhaps I will be back to normal. I would happy if we would be totally packed and ready to rock and roll. Until then, I am a grouch. I am sorry in advance.


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