Monday, June 14, 2010

On our Way East.....

Yesterday, June 13, 2010, we began our journey east. Saying goodbye was terrible but not as bad as I envisioned because well honestly, I was being difficult. I would not allow myself to cry in front of my Mom and Dad so I refused to give hugs or tell themI love them. I know that sounds so bratty, but I am too emotional and I am too close to my Mom for that. I just couldn't do it. I wasn't sure if the concrete would hold my feet down more if I did that. I did not know if I would ever let go. I will miss her so much and my Dad but my Mom was my buddy in so many ways. I have become so dependant on her it will be interesting to see who gets me 7 UP when Im sick or who picks Brit up when I need them to. There is NO WAY I could have left my family when she was in school.

We quickly realized that we got settled in fairly well in the Penske truck that we rented, it was not nearly as crowded as we feared. We stopped and bought a small dog bed and Rusty loved it. He stayed in the floor on my feet with that bed most of the day. Occasionally he would look up at me and thump his tail then fall back into his riding stupor. Our stops that we did make were an ordeal though. The dogs wanted to go for constant walks and this was a fiasco. We had to hold one dog so they did not run off then let them out one at a time.

After traveling over 400 miles that first day, we did not make it to Nashville, our plans changed drastically. We found a hotel that accepted pets in Cadiz, Kentucky, about an hour outside of Nashville. We have decided to drive to Gatlinburg, Tennesee today for another five hours and then spend our last six hours on the road on Tuesday. Eleven hours on Tuesday to get to Fayetteville would have killed Mike. That truck is hard on a back and we were sick of being in it after eight hours too. We need these breaks, the Army paid us to take our time, and now we know why.

We were exhausted when we pulled in last night but the kind lady at the desk asked if she wanted us to keep the pool open longer so we could swim. We accepted and cooled off in the nice cool waters of the pool. Brit and I swam for about forty five minutes got out and came inside to do her homework. College homework doesn't stop for a move!

We will update again once we get to Gatlinburg, but until then, we will love each one of you as always!


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