Monday, June 21, 2010

Ft. Bragg...we are here and settled...for now

During the past week, my life has been too hectic to even think of blogging. I was lucky to keep up with facebook much have a minute alone to put thoughts into paragraphs. Right now, Brit is in the shower and the dogs are at my feet, so now seems like a good time to blog.

Our adventures in North Carolina started off horrible,I will not lie. I won't post every graphic detail here because honestly I am trying to be as positive as I feel our life is becoming so it stresses me out to relive it. I will tell you the first few minutes of Landmark Inn stressed me out enough to kennel my dogs only to go pick them up three days later. I believe God gives you intuition for a reason and when I wake up at 4:00 in the morning in a panic knowing I have to go get my dogs, something is wrong. And wrong it was. When we got to the animal hospital the girl that was the "kennel girl" looked relieved that we were there but almost panicked. She told us to wait there for a few minutes then she came and got Mike and said "Your dogs don't like us". Mmmm, I thought, that's weird, Country Bed and Biscuit loved our dogs and Sidney went right to her and loved on her before he left there in May. Once our dogs warm up to you after a few cuddle minutes, they are fine usually. I knew then something was going on. When they came out, they were so excited that Sid hyperventilated. I was crying tears of joy to see them. I know to some that may seem silly, but my dogs are my other children. Mike and I have raised each of them since they were puppies and they are brothers (literally). We are very attached to our boys. When the boys came out, Rusty was a little wet but I didn't get it until he started giving me kisses. He was COVERED in urine and Sid had feces on his backside. I was livid to say the least. I knew at this point the dirtbags at the kennel had not taken my boys out once from that humane society looking steel cage. I went to the car and told Brit to get a blanket on her lap and that it was bad and to just feel sorry for them and not be mean because they smelled beyond dead. I was so freaking mad at this point it took an act of Congress to get me to not scream at someone. I just wanted them out of there. I did go back in because I am going to make a formal complaint with the USDA or whomever I need to that controls kennel cleanliness in North Carolina. Until then, I will tell everyone on Fort Bragg not to take their animals to NorthGate Animal Hospital. And to say that I will NEVER use a vet as a kennel again is an understatement. They need to be in a warm, friendly, environment with Healthy animals not sick ones.

Anyhow, after going to get our dogs, we were asked if we wanted to switch rooms for my space. Landmark Inn was more than gracious to us for letting us do this and we appreicated the offer more than I can ever tell them. We now have a family suite equipped with a small kitchenette, dining table, double bed, a set of bunk beds (in which the botoom is serving as Mike's Army depot of stuff) and a nice bathroom. This is making our four week stay here much more enjoyable.

Now that we have the dogs back, we cannot go anywhere during the day without them, however I do think they would be okay if we left them a couple of times. The first few hours of them being back, Rusty would burst into hound dog howling if I even shut the door to the bathroom. He was truly traumatized. We have been spoiling them every chance we get as well to make them more comfortable that we aren't leaving them. Even our trip to Washington, D.C. is being planned around them because we know we have to stay at a pet friendly hotel in order to do it. The kennel we will use after this is probably the Fayetteville Pet Resort, she helped me immensley with everything and I really liked her on the phone (even though she was full).

Now, current day, I am going to get my coupons out and start sorting my q's today as I have a huge pile of them to go through and since the commisary takes q's up to six months old, I am in the money. Between that and just relaxing today since Mike is going to his unit for the first time, our day should be uneventful.

Tomorrow however, I am going to a book signing for the actual author of the book that my new book club is reading now. I am totally excited for that and hopefully I will get to meet some new friends.

Ta ta for now. Until we meet again.


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